Ableton SynthMaster Project

Modified on Wed, 28 Dec, 2022 at 5:22 AM

This Ableton project is great for advanced users, or those looking for a live setup. It lets you switch instruments on the Nova without needing to touch the computer.

Important: Make sure to follow the steps below to download version 2.9.9 or v2.9.8 of SynthMaster Player. (Don't use the newest version because it currently has a bug I've reported that doesn't let you map to the x/y VST controls.)

1. Download the project


Windows: (Coming soon)

2. Get SynthMaster Player v2.9.9 or v2.9.8

a) Buy a SynthMaster Player license here (but do not download it yet): SynthMaster Player purchase link

b) Download version 2.9.9 / 2.9.8 here: mac / windows. Enter the serial number you receive from buying it in step 1.

3. Install Ableton

Note: The trial version of Ableton will still let you use this project. You just won't be able to save any changes once the trial expires.


  • If the touchpad doesn't morph the sound then double check that the X and Y are mapped up in SynthMaster.
  • Make sure every track stays "armed" so you can select them with the Nova channel buttons.
  • Use speakers or wired headphones for the best sound.
  • Some sounds (especially the pads on fret 13) sound better an octave down (use the octave shift buttons on the Nova).

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